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tv   On the Money  NBC  October 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hi, everyone. s herera in for becky quick. sugar or fat? which is worse for your diet? why some bad science may have shaped your waistloin and what you think. protecting yourself from your bank. how to make shower they haven't opened accounts in your name you don't know about. >> and naft food with the touch of a button. the store where you can avoid people and lines when you order. higher education's gone to pot. the school offering a degree in weed. are they smoking something? and remember this? >> no soup for you. >> the chef behindha tt "seinf character has a line of soups, and we'll have a taste. this is "on the money," your life, your money, your future.
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>> we begin with sugar versus fat. americ like their sugar and eat an average of 152 pounds of it per year, according to the clevelan clinic, but all of that sugar may be hurting our health a whole lot more than we think. a new study found the sugar industry influenced key research in the 1960s and '70s which may have shaped government dietary regulati say nothing of our waistlines. you probably heard that eating too much saturated fat can clog your arteries and lead to heart disease, but there is another potential culprit, sugar. new research published in the "journal suggests that the sugar industry paid harvard scientis in th 1960s and '70s to downplay the link between heart disease and sugar. instead, the scientists focus on saturated fat and cholesterol in meat and dairy products. e a disclosure of journals did
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funding sources. warnings about t harmful health consequences of fall have remained part of the government dietary guidelines and have spurred low-fat diets, but now scientists believe some fats such as those found in fish and olive oil have are a role in a healthy diet. at the samtime, sugar has recently begun to get more attention from the government. earlier this year for the first time the usda advised that added sugars should make up no more is mandating that food ke a companies add food content in grams and add that to labels by 2018. the debate is decades old and it has come te surface again . jo us now is laura schmidt, of the university of californiag scientists were urged to downplay sugar's negative impact
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on health. also joining us, courtney gaine, president and ceo of the sugar ascisoatio to both of you. it's a pleasure to have you with us. laura, i'll begin with you. you authored the study which found the questionable relation between funding and findings in th research. what were e consequences from this? >> we know that the sugar associatn in '60s paid a team of harvard scientists, three of them, the equivalent of $50,000 today to publish a that paper in the "new england condemned the research on sugar as a rkis factor in heart disease and elevated the role of cholesterol and dietary fats as a risk factor in heart diassee. subsequent we had, of course, the anti-fat craze where we were eating snackwells that have no nat but are very high in sugar. we're all, you know, eating margarine instead of butter. while sugar consumption was
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going up in the '80s and '90s we also witnessed a tragic obesity courtney, let me turn to you then. you head up the sugar associatn which was the organiza in question, but that was back in the 1960s, so what's your response to these particul findings? >> if i could go back in time, sure, we should have kiss closed our funding of that paper, but it wasn't the norm of the time, but, still, certainly we were at hult for that. other than that i think the headline have been pretty sensatio and it's hard to see what they did wrong to fund researcher t write a literature review on what was already their field of study and high to the sees. >> why are people not using sugar in more moderate amounts? >> as the society has the news on detrimental effects of sugar on the liver, the pancreas, its
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strong association of gcac, the dietary guidelines added sugar committee, created the evidence on the relationship between sugar and consumption and obesity to be strong and consiste no matter what anyone says. thinks about in. eral >> courtney? >> well, certainly added sugar's conzepgs sums has come down twem dousely. 13% since 2000 and a lot of it is driven by a decrease in soda consumptio right now we're at 30% of categori from added sugar and the reason there is a 10% recommenda, you know, is not based on above 10% will cause any health outcome whether it's diabetes or obesity or cardsio vascular disea and if there's a recomn will that serve as a tool? we all have a finite amount of calories we can consume and if
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we keep our added suge ears at 10% maybe we can meet all of our nutrient needs within our calorie needs. laura, let me turn back to you. the government has added sugars in its fda guidelines and mandatin the compa change their nutrition labels specifical are they doing enough? >> i think it's an absolute watershed event that we now have a dietary guideline for sugar. it's going to be on the back. label that wvee' been needing one. we've had one for sodium, for salt forever. it does make a difference in people's choices and in terms of their food choices. it's an important step. however, i think we've got a long way to go, and the next step is really going to be to address are the federal food programs. those federal food programs, the national school lunch program considers ketchup to be a vegetable. we have big problem with our suppleme nutritional
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program, is it up to capitol hill to take that on? >> i think it is.i think there' appetite througho government and throughout the public health community to deal with this issue, because we're up to over 70% of our population. the majority our population is overweight or obese. people have been -- had been keeping their fat consumption done trying to follow dietary guidelines in the '70s and '80s. look where we got. >> t industr overall, are you worried about the potential of a sugar backlash? >> our msaesge is about moderati and balanced diet, and we do encourage people to cut back on excess sugar if it is a source of calorie, so they are concerned about the noise atth's out there. are they concerned about sugar being dangerous, no, but we'll always try to strive tow
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ou a new week a disappointing jobs report for the month of september. the economy creed 156,000 jobs, fewer than analysts hex pected. profession and busins services added the most new workers. the unemployment rate climbed to 5%, likely because more americans wer enteringhe t worknorse in a strength nick economy. s also increased. this is the secretary straight month of disappointing job growth. stocks were down and breaking a two-day losing streak. if you think big brother is watching and the big brother is named yahoo you may be right. yahoo searched all of its users' e-mail looking for key phrase or words suppl by u.s. intelligen officials. it's not known what specifically they were looking for.
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shock waves from the wells fargo scandal are still reverberg aroun the country. to meet sales goals, bank
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employees opened more than 1 million bank and credit card accountsr knowledge. are you at risk if any of those accounts are in your name? mark hamrick joins us senior economic analyst. to see you, mark. >> thanks for having me. >> nice to have you here. so if you are a wells fargo customer, how do you find out if you've been a victim of this particul scandal? >> you know, you've be given a wake-up call to say what is happening with your account, which, by the way you should be doing all the time anyway. >> yeah. but you have a specific reason to do it now. >> or call your branch and say i want to see my records. or even walk into the branch. a lot of wells fargo branches are around in large cities so if you're near one go and initiate a conversation with a real life human being. now say that you' account open that you're not aware of. does it affect your credit it could. first of all, find out whether an account was opened for something you didn't give permissi for, got its
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account or credit card. it's a little harder to open a credit car account without you going through the step and picking up the phone and ought rigz the phone but in either case decide if you want to keep the account open. if you don't, close the account. >> i think this the impact is minimalle? do you feel a complaint? does that give you cover? in other words, if they ha opened a credit card in your name and it's affected your credit rating, should you file a complaint so it gives you at least proof to the credit agencies that you've been victimiz >> i would. if i had learned that this had a negative impact on my absolutely contact the bureau and see if there is an impact and be in contact with the rating agency to let them know there's an this is called cross-selling. other banks do it, maybe not on this level but i think
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cross-sellg is a pretty common occurrence cro selling is one t right. you're doing business with somebody who wants to you do more business with them. opening unauthorized accounts is something else, and we don't think, you know, this is happening in a rampant basis. >> what are tips or alternativ a lot of options out there. there's traditional larger banks, community banks, credit unions, online banks. some of which you can just do business with using an smartphone or a brokerage accou. those are available, too. >> pleasure to you with us. mark hamrick. coming up next, "on the money." momma mia, more proof that taking off. human chefs being replaced by planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties
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...these are vans for professionals. strictly professionals. we're good. mercedes-benz vans. featuring the new worker vans, starting at $25,995. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. . next time you order fast food, you may do it without
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actually talking to anybody. instead, you can do it yourself. and tap out your custom meal request on a big touch screen. reporter susan li has more. >> reporte the brand may be familiar, but the way they are serving customers is changing. this is one of the first mcdonald's start using automated kiosks. instead of giving your order to a person at a counter, you go to a computer screen, swipe and press on a long list of options to make your choices. then grab a table and wait for your meal to be delivered. from guacamole to crispy onions to maple bacon, all the options e on display on these menu kiosks and the restaurant owner he tells us when customers can see pictures of what they are organized, they tend to spend more. but it's not just mcdonald's getting more automated. the competitor panera bread takes orders via a tablet. domino's pizza and starbucks both offer mobile apps to order
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and pay and analysts say in addition to improving the customer experience, technology is also representing restaurant cut costs. >> some. rise in automatic payments, key of course, things like that, a direct result of what's going on with labor costs as well as some. other profitability challenges that they have have. >> mcdonald's argues it's more we now have concierges out in the lobe helping people place their orders on the screen and food runners bringing people food as they sit down and wait on their food so what we're doin is more of a repositioning not cutting jobs. >> all of this offers theus tomization that diapers want and tax they are offering the could ha savings that restaurants need and changing the industry as a whole and maybe the way we eat. mcdonald's is testing this modern kiosk concept in collect markets, including new york, florida and chicago. sue? >> so mcdonald's is trying to
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save money with the touchscreens and now there's another new kind of technology being used by a pizza company. tell me about that. >> the next phase of using automati when it comes to food preparation and deliveries. this is a startup in mountianvi, california, automated fro the assembly line making the pizza and then it goes into an automatic van which is driven by somebody to get to the location and inside it's all heated up. they cook the pizza and then they, of course, deliver it to those ordering it. >> oh, wow. >> the lowest employee is paid $15 an hour, medical and health benefits and after six months actually a share in the. cannabis is a booming business and it's in need of a professi and knowledgeable workforce. vocational schools and even traditiol col and
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universities includi the university of denver and vand are offering programs for students to get schooled in law, policy and the business of ganja. kate rogers reports. -3-35-year-old natalie is a trained hermist but wants to expand her offerings to include medicinal cannabis treatments. s hitting the books to learn more about the plant science and regulation at the northeastern institute of cannabis in natick, massachuse wanted an experience the plant hand learn how i could d really have the best topicals medicine to offer to clients and the best education i could. >> nic has enrolled some 400 students fro across the country in its 12-course program that covers everythin from law to shell out $2,000 for a eting. certifice and hopes that it will set them apart in an increasi competitive industry. when you walk into a -- i have a
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certificate that says i'm confident in cannabis indust and knowledge. it's definitely a leg up, you d or formal mebody who doesn't experien with cannabis. program is popular for people transitioning between careers and looking to adopt their career to the cannabis industry. not certified but has an applicat in the departmench license you in the seat and nic say they have one grad in every dispensary in the state. >> nice you have to in the studio. >> thanks. >> "on the money," a look at the week ahead and do you remember the soup nazi from "seinfeld"? well, he's back and sel soup he made famous on tv. we'll him to diss on the details and serve up some s just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts
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cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. and here are the stories coming up that may impact your money this week. the presidential candidates will face off in their second debate on sunday night. monday is columbus day. the banks will be closed, but the markets are open. and on october 11th, 1975, bruce springsteereleased his first hit, maybe you've heard of it. "born to run." on wednesday the federal reserve's open market committee release the minutes from its last meeting, and on friday we'll get a read on inflation with the producer price index, and we'll also check in on the consumer with the retail sales reports. y>ou may recognize our next guest as the infamous soup nazi
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from "seinfeld." well, he's turned that character into a big career. larry thomas is an actor and self-procld fooledy. he is now the face of the soup man company he portrayed back in e '90s. also with us is jamie karson, the soup man ceo. welcome, gentmelen. thanks so much f joining us today. it's a pleasure to have you on set. thank you. >> and the soup. >> yes. >> which is the best part of the that's the real star. >> larry. did you ever think when you started this career, you're an actor and you got this role on smelled, and here you are, the face of the company. right. >> and it's perfectly natural, though,is n't, it because this is the actual soup that the enshowed is written about, so, you know, life imitates art and life imitates life and everything in between. i get to represent soup and you mention that had i'm a foodie. >> yes. >> so when i tasted this soup, i like everyone seel, said, wow, that's t best soup i've ever, and now i get to go into
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supermarke all over the country and see people have the same reaction. i'm going to taste a little bit of it. this is the shrimp bisque. >> that's our newest soup. >> i'm breaking my rule for you guys which is never eat on cameras, but i'm going do it. >> no slurp. isn't that fantastic? >> it's real, really good. how do you compete against the progress and the campbell's? >> we're competing in the premium soup category. essentially soup, single serving, over $3 a serving, and we're making progress. we are competing against campbell's and prodepresso and we're in 6,500 stores right now and we're growing, and the reason is our soup is fantastic. we make the best small-batch in the world. we're born and bred in new york and we're an authentic new york c brand and people, you know, connect with that. >> larry, how do you -- how do you like the business side of this because obviously you're the face of the company now and you get to go in and meet people
5:27 am
and meet all the purveyors, but it's dif from acting. >> yeah, yeah. on the one hand i'm learning more about business and the business world than i've ever known before. on the othhand, my role here is actually to get people to taste the soup, you know. i bring people in to like the supermarke and they taste it so i'm still on the artsy side of it, you know. it's w,no you know, rather than acting. it's food. right. >> and -- and they are very closely related. >> i just tasted the lobster bisque and it's delicious. that is our number one seller. it is. >> excellent. best of luck and it's been a pleasure, larry, jamie, thank you so mh for joining ,us and that's the show for today. thanks for joining me. i'm sue herera in for becky. next week the next package coming your way could real be delivered by a drone. notur se if i like that idea or not. each week keep it right here
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because we're "on the money." ha a great weekend and we'll e do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate
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that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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all eyes will be on tonight's presidential debate, and on donald trump. he's digging in, despite calls for him to step aside after lewd comments about women surfaced on friday. new this morning, police in california take a man into custody after three officers were shot. two of them killed. we'll explain what sparked the shoot-out. north carolina is dealing with storm damage this morning, after its brush with matthew. it's no longer a hurricane. we'll update the storm's path and the affects here on our area. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, this is nbc 10 news "today" i'm rosemary connors. thanks for being wit


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